Electricity Workstations

Today students worked in groups to move around different stations in the room to investigate different aspects of electricity and energy. Some of the activities were as follows:

READ IT – Read and learn about five different forms of energy and summarise information

CREATE IT – Use a light box and various prisms and mirrors to investigate the concepts of reflect, refract, absorb and transmit.

TECH IT – Watch online videos which teach the principles of electricity and energy.

MATCH IT – Match the label cards to the photos which demonstrate how energy is transferred.

ANALYSE IT – Detect the problem with the circuit diagram and explain how to solve the problem.

EXPLORE IT – Create a circuit using batteries, globes, switches and wires to see how open and closed circuits work. Test different materials in the circuit to decide if they are insulators or conductors.

EXPLAIN IT – Look at the table which covers conduction, convention and radiation and compare and contrast the different features how heat moves.

SORT IT – Sort items into a table to determine if they are insulators or conductors.

What was your favourite activity and why?

What did you learn from this activity?

Clay Crocodile Constructions

Today students had the opportunity to work with a guest ceramist who helped the students sculpt a crocodile out of clay.

The students were exposed to a variety of techniques during the construction phase.

Preps Reading their Writing to Year 6

The Prep students have been achieving some great things in their writing since the start of the year and today we were able to visit their class and hear what they have been doing. Each Year 6 students paired up with a Prep student to see what they have written and hear them read it out.

Once that was done the Year 6 students helped their Prep buddy write a recount about their weekend.

Term 2 Book Reviews

Students have finished up their Reading Group novels this term and have written a review.

The review features the following:

  • A summary of the book (WARNING – may contain spoiler alerts!)
  • At least 3 things the student liked about the book
  • At least 3 things the student didn’t like about the book
  • Any patterns or puzzles they discovered
  • A rating and who they would recommend to read the book.

Hope you enjoy reading them:


Animal Prezis

For Science this term we have been looking at different ecosystems and how animals have adapted to survive in different environments. We observed mould growing on bread to see which environmental conditions were most favourable to allow the mould to grow and flourish.

Students also researched an animal which was known to survive in an EXTREME ENVIRONMENT.

They had to research and present a Prezi on their animal making sure that they paid special attention to the feature of the animal which allows it to live in its environment. That had to include the following information:

  • It’s habitat (where it lives)
  • Physical features (how does it survive in its environment)
  • Diet (what does it eat? Where does this fit in the ecosystem?)
  • Interesting facts

Students also had top give a hypothesis on how the animal would need to specifically change to adapt to its environment if something happened to disturb their natural ecosystem (e.g environment changed, part of the food web was removed, etc.)

Their reports were fantastic. Here is a quick slideshow of them about to present:

Drama Performances

Students take part in Drama activities during our Reading Group rotations each day.

Each week this term they have met together to read their scripts, practise their voice projection and expression, create props and organise their performance to engage the audience.

They presented their plays this week and they were fantastic!

Each play had a moral (or life lesson) to take away. The students learned things like:

  • Be thankful for what you have
  • Wasting time on screens and internet can limit your own creativity and joy in the world around you
  • Everyone has different gifts and talents and we shouldn’t judge others
  • Listen carefully to what others tell you as it may help you stay out of strife
  • Don’t hold firmly to what you think as you may not have the complete picture.

Well done, 6L!


For poetry this week students have been experimenting with the use of metaphor.

Which one is your favourite?

I am an owl,
Hooting all night,
I am an owl wise in the light,
I am an owl I soar higher than planes,
I am an owl I drive people insane,
I am an owl
By Liam Mor

I am a brick wall
I am mightier than a shield
I deflect bad comments
and I am amazing on every angle
By Daniel

I am a monkey
Swinging from tree to tree
Nobody can catch me
Because I am a monkey
I will eat bananas all day
Because they are my only prey
I am a monkey
By Liam Mac

I am a tree because
I am quiet
I sway in the wind
I am tall and still
But I leak when I am sad
I fall when I am hurt
So nobody can change me
Because I am who I am
By Shanae

I am a ball
Hard to be broken
I am a ball because no one can flatten me
I am a ball, I bounce back from bad situations
I am a ball, I will not hurt anyone that angers me
By Declan

I am a cloud,
Softer than a rabbit,
I cannot be hurt by what people say,
Because I am a cloud,
Rain falls from me,
I am moist,
I love the sun when it shines.
By Adella

I am a car because I’m faster
Than anyone else.
I could take anyone on and beat them by a mile.
I’m so fast that if I hit someone they will die in an instant
By Jamie

I am a basketball
Nobody can defeat me
Because I am a basketball
I can go through a hoop and score you points
I am a basketball, I am the best
By Molly

I am a tree
I have to breathe to survive
I am an awesome thing
I stand my ground.
By Ned

I am a cape ground squirrel
I am as tough as a rock
I live with the pack
I am not scared of snakes
I am courageous
By Tom

I am a lion because I stand my ground
I am a lion because I never back down
I am a lion because I’m not afraid
I am a lion because I’m a stray
I am a lion because I stand up for my friends
I am a lion!
By Levi


National Simultaneous Story Time

Today was the National Simultaneous Storytime Day.

“National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Now in its 16th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using an Australian children’s book that explores age-appropriate themes, and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum for Grades 1 to 6 and the pre-school Early Learning Years Framework.” (https://www.alia.org.au/nss)

After reading the story, the students were given the task to design and make a hat that represented who they were or what they liked. They then presented their finished hat to the class and explained why it represented them.

Here are the finished products: