Australian History Timeline

Before we start out Move to Federation Unit in History the students were each given a decade in Australia’s history to research.

They had to decide on the key events in that decade and create a poster to feature these events. The students then presented their poster and spoke about the key events of the decade to the class.

Here are their posters:

Barwidgee Lodge Visit

A couple of 6L students went to Barwidgee Lodge on Tuesday afternoon and shared their readers with the residents.

There were lots of smiles and the residents were very happy to see and hear from the students. The students did a great job introducing themselves to the big group then sitting with residents to share their readers and some stories of the past. The students were treated to some lovely cake before they headed back to school.

Well done to the Heidi, Jessica and Riley!

Drama Activities

This week during our Reading Group Rotations the students worked in teams to present a Drama item.

They had to create an imaginary invention and then present an advertisement to help sell their product to the class.

Here is the Dahl group presenting their amazing invention called “Robot 999274619999…..”.

The features include:

  • Really pretty
  • Fully metal with human-like skin
  • Rude and offensive

Robotics in Science

This week the students have been learning to work with programming language to get a robot to follow commands.

They used a program called mBlock.

“I learned programming and how to work as a team to solve problems” – Olivia

“I learned that if you put in the wrong commands you need to update your program and reload it” – Breanna